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Online Firearms Purchase Program | Gun Shop Boca

Gun Shop Boca offers a firearms purchase program through one of the largest firearms distributors in the country

Online Firearms Purchase Program | How it works

You register with the Shooting Store choosing us as your designated store of choice. You will pay 20% of the purchase price online to the shooting warehouse as a deposit. The firearm will then be shipped to the shop for final payment, background check and pick up.

We do not drop-ship guns to other FFL holders.  All firearms must be picked up at our shop located in Boca Raton.

The prices listed online are not reflective of pricing in the shop, depending on firearm prices may be a bit higher or lower if purchased in person at the shop.  Not all firearms and brands listed online are in stock or carried in the shop.

This program gives our customers the chance to find firearms out there that might be available through other vendors in the area.

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