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Everyday Concealed Carry…..A Mindset, not a fashion statement!!!

So, you’re thinking about joining the millions of gun toting people in the United States of America? Before you take the plunge into the world of concealed carry, you’ll want to make sure you have the basics covered.

Shooters Pulse Post: Due to increased violence in the country, concealed carry has become more and more popular in recent years. The fear of the unknown and societal collapse has shaken us to the point of worrying when you walk out of your house?  Concealed Carry, which was exclusively reserved for the so-called ‘gun nuts’ and ‘wackos’– has made its way to the mainstream. More people are carrying guns today than any time in recent history. From the pistol packing mama to the once liberal anti-gunner,  people across our great nation are arming themselves for protection. I think this is great. Everyone should learn how to shoot correctly and be prepared to defend themselves and their families if need be.

If such an unfortunate situation was to occur, nobody wants to find themselves in a situation where there’s nothing they can do. As a former law enforcement officer, I’ve seen my fair share of crazy shit, and I can tell you that everyone should be prepared for such an occurrence. You can’t rely on emergency services to be there, because by the time they arrive on scene, you will either be maimed, raped or dead — and not necessarily in that order.

Concealed Carry is a mindset, not a fashion statement. You must have the mental fortitude and the physical and muscle memory to respond to an emergency situation. Just carrying a gun, without the proper knowledge and training, can be as dangerous or more so, than not carrying at all.

Studies dictate that it takes 21 days of doing something continuously to make it a habit or second natured. Concealed carry is no different. You have to incorporate must become a habit of everyday living if you decide to do it. Whether good times or not, it must be part of your everyday mindset.

Proper Mindset

Concealed Carry can be broken down into two separate components, the mental and the physical. The mental side of the equation is the most important. While the best way not to be involved in a bad situation is to avoid it, your five senses can be your biggest ally when you find in one. Situational awareness will keep you safe from most potential threats and encounters. So, when you are out in public, look around and see what’s going on. Most people live within their own little world and don’t pay attention to their environment. You must be cognizant as to now expose yourself to any potential threat that might be out there.

Just by looking around and listening to identify any suspect situations, can help you avoid them. The observation game doesn’t happen overnight but with practice you will begin to pick-up on potential dangerous situations. Just as a practiced learning experience, next time you go to the mall with your wife and kids, have them walk about 30-40 feet ahead of you. Observe the people who may looking at them. You will be surprised — even in a mall like Town Center in Boca — at what you see.

Remember, predators lay in wait and prey on the weak and helpless. Don’t be victim or another statistic. After a while, you will develop that sixth-sense that most law enforcement officers have — knowing and getting that gut feeling when the shit is about to hit the fan. If you develop that sixth sense, it will help you avoid such situations. Being observant and situationally aware is the key.

The second part of the mindset is the physical part. Through training and muscle memory, you will learn how to respond when such a situation presents itself. It does you no good to possess and carry a gun if you don’t practice. You need to know how it shoots, recoils and functions. The last thing you want is to get involved in is a situation whereby you must pull your gun and it doesn’t work, jams and you don’t know what to do. That life-saving equalizing piece now becomes a paper weight.

Know Your Gun

Knowing your firearms, how they work, and how to clear jams is part of the physical and muscle memory component’s you need to master.  Going to the range at least once a month and putting 100 rounds down range will help keep you sharp.  The second thing you need to practice is drawing from a holster with your gun. If you don’t, many things that can go wrong when the time calls for you to defend yourself.  Remember, you will revert to your training in any stressful situation.  Don’t think you it’s going to come naturally if your mind and body have never done it before.  You may find yourself and your family in a world of shit in a split second, so be prepared.

Practice, practice, practice!!!! It’s easy: With an unloaded holstered gun, stand in front of a mirror and practice drawing from your holster. Where you conceal your gun is completely up to you, but I would avoid ankle carry and cross-draw carry. I carrying on your strong-hand side–either inside the waistband behind your hip, appendix-carry or pocket-carry, depending on the size of firearm.  Here in South Florida, we don’t have much choice. The weather and climate play a huge factor on how to carry your firearm. So, it’s either pocket carry or inside the waistband/appendix with a shirt over it.  Whichever way you find most comfortable, make sure you practice drawing out of the holster.

When choosing a holster, find one that is molded to your firearm type. Avoiding chinch on the holster is just as crucial. While there are a lot of quality gun makers out there, Gun Shop Boca recommends you buy a reputable name brand gun.  I wouldn’t put my life on the line for a piece of junk gun and neither should you. So, go with Glock, Sig, S&W, Colt, H&K, Springfield – they’re all good guns.

Everyday Carry isn’t for everyone. You have to have the right mindset and let it be part of your daily routine.  To carry just to say you carry can cause you and others more harm than good. If you truly want to have the ability to protect yourself and loved ones, then I gladly welcome anyone into the club. I recommend that you get some professional training, at least 10-15 sessions, covering basic pistol skills and offering situational training.

Choose the Right Firearm & Holster

Pick a gun that you are comfortable with, so you can master all of its functions. Get accessories for the gun that will enhance your concealed carry comfort. And don’t forget, Practice, Practice, Practice. Gun carry confidence doesn’t happen overnight. it will take you some time to feel comfortable in your surroundings.  Be aware of your situation and environment. Remember, predators prey on the weak and unsuspecting, so don’t become one.

We will cover carry load outs in our next sessions……..

Please send your feedback and let us know the topics you would like more info on…Practice and be safe.

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